Saturday, September 05, 2009

Plans for Arrival TODAY!

TeamRoz back in Honolulu relaying the plans for today...

As of 10:30am Hawaii time (which is what is displayed on the
RozTracker), Roz is just 11 miles from the southern tip of Tarawa
where she'll be arriving. Nicole just called in via sat phone to let
us know that the plan is for the film crew and support crew to leave
by boat from Tarawa at around 2pm Hawaii time (12pm Tarawa time) to
rendezvous with Roz.

From there, the boat will guide Roz through the treacherous reefs that
surround the atoll to help her get safely to shore. This will be
tricky, so it'll take all of Roz's efforts to stay on course and safe.
She's been rowing hard all morning... she can almost taste the cold
beer, no doubt!

RozTracker GPS updates are now every 20 minutes, so check back often
to see exactly where Roz is!

As soon as we have any photos, videos, and updates, we will be sure to
post them to the RozTracker. In the meantime, spread the word in
whatever way you can so people can follow these last few exciting




[Photo: Children of Tarawa welcome TeamRoz to the airport. Can't wait
to see Roz's reception!]