Monday, June 08, 2009

Day 15 - Sweet Dreams

I never know quite what I'm going to get when I retreat to my bunk at
the end of a long day. Will I sleep well, my night punctuated only by
dreams featuring variously food, parties, and random combinations of
people from my past, present and future? Or will it be one of those
nights when I twist and turn, trying to find a position that doesn't
hurt my shoulders/backside/sunburn, while the ocean callously shoves me
from side to side in my bunk?

So far I seem to be having more bad nights than good, but overall it's
not too bad. I'm not feeling fuzzy through sleep deprivation, so that's
ok. I need to be able to think clearly out here.

I seem to remember it was much worse on the Atlantic. Then, the trade
winds were energetically pushing me in the right direction for much of
the time, but I recall nights when I felt like a hapless tennis ball
about to be served. The ocean would bounce me up and down several times,
like a tennis player testing the ball and composing himself. Then there
would be a slight pause, up in the air, and BANG! Slammed from the side
by juggernaut of a wave, which would foam around the boat for a moment
before rushing on its way. I haven't encountered those this time – so

Whether I sleep well or not, it's rest time, even if I'm not actually
asleep, and any time that allows muscles and skin a chance to recover is
welcome. So I lie on my side, wedged between the raised leecloths on
each side (see photo), with the clean, fresh smell of tea tree oil
rising gently around me. It's too warm for a blanket, so I'm using just
the thin silk inner lining for a sleeping bag, which is more than

And I wait for those dreams. I keep dreaming I'm on land, having a good
time with some friends, then I remember that I'm supposed to be rowing
across the Pacific and I have a sudden panic – how will I get back to my
boat? Where did I last leave it? The panic wakes me up and I realize I
don't need to find my boat – I'm there already. This leaves me with
slightly mixed feelings – relief that I'm where I'm supposed to be, but
a bit bummed that I'm not where I'd rather be!

Other stuff:

News from Mum in the UK - she tells me that the Daily Telegraph has
included me in their list of Britain's top 20 adventurers. Their main
criteria is that they have made genuine firsts or pioneering journeys.
I am very honored to be mentioned alongside the likes of Sir Ranulph
Fiennes, Sir Chris Bonnington, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, Col.John Blashford
Snell, Sir Chay Blyth - although I still have a long way to go to match
their lifetime achievements.

Steady progress again today. Conditions fairly rough but not too bad.
Unfortunately now being pushed north slightly, but not much I can do
about it. Bum too sore to row any more today!

Crave of the Day: nothing really. Have almost forgotten that dry land

Rave of the Day: Passionate Pesto Walnutz by Living Nutz. Very yummy!
Also enjoyed listening to Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point. Thought

Booby report: no birds on board today. Just as I was starting to think
that every day was going to begin with half an hour of poop-scrubbing.
Am almost missing the chaps now – although not their mess. Still plenty
of other birds around. Some frigate birds higher in the sky, and some
noisy terns (?) swooping around the boat.

Hi to UncaDoug – thanks for sharing the word with the Girl Scouts! Say a
big hi to them from me, and tell them to keep up the good work. It all
helps! Wish you could email me over some of those cookies…

I'd also like to catch up on a few thank yous – thanks to Aenor for
doing an awesome job on the sun canopy. The tension in the lines is just
right. If it gets too windy I still have to take it down because it
starts banging me around the head, but it's better than it was last

And thanks to Liz Fischer for doing such a great job on painting the
decks. They're a lot cleaner now then when I departed – it was very
difficult to keep them clean with so many people working on the boat –
and they're looking really good. Great job Curtis, too, on the nonslip
Versatraction coverings on the hatch lids – looks good and much safer
than before.

An especially warm thank you to all who commented on yesterday's blog. Great
to get your feedback, and your thoughts on our collective future. Your
comnments have triggered more thoughts on my part - more soon.

And finally, a big hi to Keith and Teresa in Lake Havasu - lovely to hear
from you! Happy memories...

Weather report:

Position at 2015 HST: 17 50.555N, 161 26.356W
Wind: 15-20kts from E-ESE
Sea: 6-8ft waves, sometimes steep, white foam crests
Weather: some cloud cover – about 10% on average throughout the day.
Thin, light cloud mostly. No rain.

Weather forecast, courtesy of

Strong and gusty, easterly trade wind breeze continue in the 20+kt range
until the afternoon of the 8th. By mid afternoon, wind speeds back off a
few knots. Rough seas build to 8-9 ft, a few waves could be higher.

Forecast below is for a SWerly course.
Date/Time HST Wind kts Seas (ft)
07/1800-08/1200 E-ENE 18-23 7-9
08/1200-13/0000 E-ENE 15-20 6-7

Sky conditions are partly cloudy with very isolated trade wind rain


  1. A restless night sleep on a boat is the norm. I hope you packed sleeping aid with pain relief to help you rest.
    Maybe your poop cleaning days are over.

    Regards, Gregory

  2. Caroline2:41 pm GMT

    Congratulations Roz on your Telegraph entry!

    It's lovely to see your name in there among the others - you thoroughly deserve the mention - and your fame.

    I've said it before but it's always worth repeating - you're a true inspiration for a great many people.

    Sorry you weren't able to incorporate a solar-powered freezer on the boat for the ice cream though! Loved the Rozberry Ripple post.

    Keep on truckin' ...


  3. I've mentioned you to some friends in Hawaii and you are now their new STAR! Good for you. Now you can ignore my questions regarding AIS and safety measures in place when you go overboard. I just hope you are using them. The Brocade would be quite lonesome were it not for your presence. Remember a hand for you a hand for the ship. All the best.

  4. I've always enjoyed going on adventures, you seem to be living them.

    I'm glad I chanced upon your blog and will remember to pick up a copy of the DT today and check it out.

  5. Anonymous4:10 pm GMT

    What a unique scenario! You are going out and doing what all of us dream of. Bravo! Keep writing and letting us live vicariously. Inspirational!

  6. That's a pretty large vessel you're rowing. How many pounds is it along wih your necessities you have; i.e., food, clothing, etc.?

  7. Wow! This is truly inspiring! I'll be following your fascinating journey.

  8. I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly dreaming I am a man. - Chuang Tse

    I was thinking about Peru in 2003 and hanging out on Lucho's roof- Then I came across a picture of Las Ninas and the wall we wrote on-
    "Me gusta mucho La Terraza d'Lucho" - Roz
    "It's good to be on the top" -Molly
    "As the sun sets, I sit in silence, Silence with blues in the soul. My soul rises amongst my companions, and the sliver moon kisses the sky. Beauty enters. I smile. Seduced." -Mariya
    Much love and aloha to you Roz!
    Surrounding you with light and good vibes,

  9. Congratulations for your Telegraph entry. Its the first time I am on your blog, and I like it very much. I have a friend who loves the sea, I will show your blog to him. I like the sea too, but I have never been in a ship or something like this. But someday I will.

    Good luck in your travel beyond the ocean.


    p.s.: my english is not very good, but I hope you undertand my words.

  10. Hello... i am from Indonesia.

  11. ...i saw you on the junk website when you and the junk boat met up on the high must have been something! are outstanding! come visit me at

  12. Hi, congratulationn your blog recommended by blogspot to see. Great.

  13. Sitting in a desert(Phoenix), it'd hard to imagine where you are. All I can say is WOW.

    Good luck, I'll be watching

  14. Geez, Roz, are you going thru a book each day? I sometimes need a week or two to assimilate the book and move out of that space before I can jump into the next one. Have you heard from Lynne Cox? I went to the Temecula wineries this weekend. Came home with 2 cases of wines. Don't remember buying them. hmmmm... -Sindy

  15. Anonymous2:34 am GMT

    Rick Klau, a new fan/follower and key guy at Google blogger, featured you on the "blogs of note" list today – congrats! I'll check in w/Nic on hits. And gonna guest-post on what you're doing on the blogger blog. Pull well! xo me

  16. Roz, some sleep well with thoughts of sugar plums dancing in their heads, but "Rozilicious Nut and Raisin" Girl Scout cookies might just work for you ... so consider this email a "cookie package" in a zero-waste Brocade blue banner package:

    The all new, carbon-free, Girl Scout cookie featuring "organic cream, studded with rum-soaked raisins and butter toffee pecans, with a swirl of caramel for good measure."

    Your assignment is to help us figure out stroke-by-stroke, how to make them carbon-free. I think I know, but need independent validation. Then we'll pitch it.

    Sweet dreams ;-D

  17. great story, i never dreams to have trip around the ocean with ship for a long time, but maybe i will try if i have a chance........

  18. You row the ocean, that is impressive. Interesting idea for a blog.

  19. Hi Roz

    wish you a good trip, I have a secret desire to one day see the world by sailing the seas well within.
    Thanks for make me dream

  20. Anonymous11:55 am GMT

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  21. this is an interesting story unfolding

  22. I first heard of you through Leo Laporte and TWIT. Your adventure is a mighty one. Bon voyage!

  23. I was signing into my blog today and stumbled upon your blog under the "blogs of note" column on the blogger sign in page, and I am blown away.

    I love your blog, your determination, and I am totally enjoying your adventure...thank you for sharing so that I can live outside of the world of changing diapers, cleaning the house and going to the grocery store.

    I used to row for fun with the Miami Beach rowing club, and those Saturday morning 2 hour workouts blistered me up pretty good, I can only imagine what you are going through!!! brave girl.

    You're in my prayers and on my bloglist.


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