Monday, June 01, 2009

Day 8 - The Retrospective Perspective

Today I've been listening to the audiobook of The Time Traveller's Wife,
which has got me thinking about the whole notion of seeing my life as a
whole, birth to death, rather than being so bound up in the present
moment. It's quite a useful perspective – the retrospective perspective.

Makes it a lot easier to handle a bit of discomfort when I imagine it
from the point of view of my future. This rowing is one of those things
that it will be great to HAVE done. The only problem is that in order to
have DONE it, at some stage I have to actually DO it, and right now I'm
going through that inconvenient but necessary "doing" bit – but in fact,
it's not too bad.

Progress today was slow, with the wind coming out of the southeast(where
ARE those trade winds?! See forecast below - no sign that they're going
to show up any time soon, alas) but I've managed to slog a few more miles
closer to the equator. And the onboard cuisine is going down well, so life
is good.

Other Stuff:

A week into my voyage, and I'm settling into my routine. The main
difference between this crossing (so far) and my previous two crossings
has been the temperature. Hard to believe that there were some nights
after I left San Francisco this time last year when I had to finish
rowing earlier than I wanted because my feet were too cold and I feared
long-term damage to my extremities.

Now I've got the opposite problem - heat. I've become quite addicted to
my regular cooling plunges into the ocean – 4 today. I just hang out by
the boat, enjoying the refreshing coolness of the water. I've noticed
some little black fish also hanging out in the shade of my boat – I'll
try and get a picture of them tomorrow.

The Ricoh camera has resisted all attempts at resuscitation so I've
retrieved my trusty old Pentax Optio WP, veteran of the Atlantic crossing,
from my case of backup gadgets in the fore cabin.

Thanks, Ian T, for confirming that the Ricoh IS meant to be waterproof to
1 metre. I didn't even immerse it - it just got splashed and then handled
with wet hands. So it's a bummer that it's decided to give up the ghost,
because it wasn't cheap. I just really hope it's not a case of it having
to be returned within a short period of time after the damage occurs, or I
might be out of luck!

Some people have been asking why I don't row at night and sleep in the
day. It's a great idea in theory, but in practice the cabin is
positively sauna-like during the day, and any attempts at sleep result
in a sweaty, sticky, severely discombobulated rower feeling even less
rested than I did before. Remind me to get air conditioning installed
before the next stage…

One final thing - if you get my blogs by email via Feedblitz, you might
not be aware that I'm posting weekly video updates as well. If you
missed last week's video, it's now available on YouTube. Easiest way to
find it would be to go to and go to the RozTracker. Where
you see the little YouTube icon on the map, click there and it will take
you to the video. Cheers!

Wind: 5-10kts, E-SE
Sea: swell around 3-4ft

Forecast courtesy of

The trade winds are being stubborn, but have picked up slightly.
However, there is too much east or south in the wind direction to offer
much help in rowing south. This should be the case for the next several

Forecast below is for a SSWerly course at 30nm/day. A Serly route (180
deg T) is preferred.

Date/Time HST Wind kts Seas (ft)
31/1800-31/2100 E-ENE 7-12 3-4
31/2100-01/0600 E-ESE 5-10 3-4
01/0600-01/2100 ESE-SE 7-12 3-4
01/2100-02/1800 SE-ENE 5-10 3-4
02/1800-03/1200 E 10-15 4-5
03/1200-04/0000 E-ENE 15-22 4-6
04/0000-05/0000 ENE-ESE 15-20 4-6

Clear and sunny to partly cloudy with little chance of rainshowers. Sky
conditions are mostly dry.


  1. The heat can be difficult to overcome on the long paddling day. Maybe some light rain will blow in.

  2. Anonymous11:26 am GMT

    you rock roz

  3. I wonder if anything solar coupled with water evaporation would be capable of actually providing any cooling to the cabin. Hmm. Interesting physics problem.

  4. Roz
    I bet those dips feel great but dont forget to reapply sunscreen after each one! KM

  5. As your physique
    Develops each day
    So does your mind;
    Your inner self.
    You discover more
    Of what you are
    And who.

  6. Anonymous4:03 pm GMT

    You should've installed a potted palm tree on the deck so you could row in the shade! Or better yet, 2 palm trees one on either side, and a hammock in the middle, wouldn't that make for an interesting photo? Are you rowing in full sun, or can you devise a canopy overhead? The heat sounds brutal, hope you are safe!

  7. Sindy Davis4:26 pm GMT

    Hmmm, the Time Traveller's Wife...lots of sex in that one.

  8. Hi Roz,

    Considering you pulled away from dock during Mercury Retrograde, the issues with the water purifier, winds, camera, and so on have all been "normal" Mercury Retrograde stuff. In fact, things have actually gone amazingly well!
    The good news: Mercury turned Direct this weekend, and in about a week to 10 days we'll be free of the "Retrograde Shadow." Hopefully the winds and currents will work with you soon and you'll be on dry land again before the next Mercury Retrograde comes into full force on Sept. 7.

    Keepin' an eye on ya,
    The (Keyboard) Wizard

  9. Anonymous6:14 pm GMT

    yesterday I rowed 18k against a stiff breeze in a quad in fresh water and felt quite knackered afterwards, in the restaurant. There's just no comparison - good speed to you.

  10. Hello All,
    This is Roz's program director, Nicole. Roz isn't able to view your comments online, but rest assured, her mother and I are sending them to her every day, so she DOES read these! Keep 'em coming...your support means so much to Roz!

  11. Anonymous2:35 am GMT

    hey roz, there are dc low power evaporative(swamp) coolers that could conceivably run on yer solar system- something to consider for stage three which will still be hot - hey why not - nothings more important than a good nites sleep . . .!!!

    God Bless

    Squash in Northern California

  12. Anonymous5:11 am GMT

    How about stringing a blanket overhead, between the front and rear cabins, to keep the sun off? Just a thought.

    Also, if you could tie a weighted jug of water to the sea anchor, you'd have relatively cool water in the morning.

    Keep those oars a-moving!

    Brian aka Phaedrusalt


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