Sunday, August 02, 2009

Day 70 - Sense and Serenity

Today was a brighter day – metaphorically if not literally. In fact, the
weather has been fairly dismal, overcast all day and I've been playing
hide-and-seek with squalls, trying to coordinate them with meal breaks
so as to minimize rowing time lost while also minimizing getting
drenched and wind-flayed. This morning I felt like I was in the eye of a
storm – big black rainclouds loomed all around while I paddled along,
watching them all with suspicion, wondering which of the big bullies
would get me first.

But at long last, for the first time in many days, I've made some
double-digit mileage in the right direction. This has been a VERY
welcome change after the meandering wiggles of the last few days. For a
while the faintest of breezes was even blowing from the north – the
first time I have seen my red ensign flag flutter in that direction
since Day 2. The boost that gave me was more psychological than real,
but that was the kind of boost that I needed.

Towards evening conditions became more settled, and I've rowed late,
until midnight, listening to Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen,
enjoying the romantic complications of the Dashwood sisters. It all
seems very far removed from the life of an ocean rower…

Other Stuff:

Sorry, no other stuff tonight. It's nearly 1am and I want to get some
sleep so I'm not tired tomorrow. Who knows what conditions it might
bring, and I want to be ready for anything!