Sunday, May 10, 2009

Roz's Day - Postings from Twitter

This is a digest of today's Twitter postings.
  • 00:27 Roz's Day - Postings from Twitter #
  • 07:38 Multitasking. Morning walk+planning speech+testing pedometer for online store. + admiring view. #
  • 08:17 A perfect mango is the food of the gods. Tropical fruit salad for breakfast. #
  • 09:41 Engagement leads to character, solitude to talent. (Voltaire) Not sure I agree with this - seems the wrong way round to me! #
  • 10:45 Gorgeous mountains in Hawaii. Car bedecked with floral leis from yesterday's presentations. #
  • 12:42 Youch! $346 poorer after trip to Whole Foods to provision for voyage. Did I remember everything?! #
  • 18:31 Fine job applying stickers to boat. She looks so pretty. Thanks @nics_dolcevita and @sistaliz! #
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