Saturday, May 23, 2009

Testing the RozTracker

I am testing the new RozTracker. This is how I'll be posting blogs
from the ocean. If this test works, a point will be added to the
RozTracker map in the Waikiki area. It might be hidden by other test
points, so you can also check the "Journal" tab for a chronological
list of items. Check out the RozTracker now at


  1. Excellent, that works fine: a blogger and a twitter icon too. Has it got you in the bar there? :-).

    Best of luck and fair seas for your next leg.

  2. Good Luck (i want to say break a leg but thats can't be good at your situation ^_^ )

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  4. Hey Roz! Checked the RozTracker and it appears you are scurrying all around like a "busy little bee" or the GPS accuracy is "all over the place" ... anyway, I'll be watching as the day progresses and a few hundred meters here or there is close enough for jazz. Wishing you all the best ;-D

  5. Good luck Roz. Fair winds and smooth seas!

  6. hi Roz,
    I bet you are excited, nervous, disorganised, tired, dashing all at once right now!
    I look forward to following the next journey - best of luck,

  7. Anonymous6:31 am GMT

    That thing is amazing, why have I not heard about Solara Data before?


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